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Live Streaming Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2022
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Live Streaming Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

Chances are you've live-streamed something in your life. Probably multiple somethings. Live streaming is all the rage these days, from sporting events to concerts to video gaming to "going live" on social media, live streaming is one of the most popular ways people consume content. If you want to know more about live streaming and how you can use it to grow your business, keep reading! We've got 75 hot live video streaming stats that every marketer can use to create better content and advertise more effectively.To get more news about 39bet-kết quả xổ số cà mau-mua vé số- dự đoán đá gà-máy đua ngựa-bóng đá số, you can visit official website.

Live video streaming is when a video is sent over the internet in real-time. This typically takes the form of broadcasts where one creator is streaming video content out to many users at once. This differs from video content in that video content is recorded beforehand and then accessed by users asynchronously.
Now that you've seen the live video streaming stats, you're probably ready to dive headfirst into live streaming, right? Before you push "go live" on Facebook, let's take a look at a few live streaming best practices that will help you create engaging and effective live streams, no matter the platform.

Promote Before You Go Live
Going live in an empty room is a waste of your time. To get a good turnout, you need to let people know that you're going live before you hit the button. Make an announcement on your social networks and be sure to include the platform and time so your followers can catch you. To get your followers really excited about your live videos, you can tease your topic or special guests—and definitely let your followers know what's in it for them!

Check Your Internet Strength
Before you go live, make sure that your internet and wifi are ready for it. If you share bandwidth with others, let them know when you're going live and tell them to stay off the network. Remember those stats above: if your start-up time takes more than 2 seconds, you're going to start losing viewers, with another 6% bouncing with each second that goes by. Make sure your viewers stay put with a strong internet connection.

Find the Right Spot to Film
You don't have to have a set spot for your camera (unless that's what your audience expects of your brand) but you do need to make sure you have good lighting and that your sound is good. Some live streamers on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram use an "on the go" format where they're out and about and go live mostly to share experiences with their followers rather than to teach them something or sell to them. There are also those who have a set spot for everything and always live stream from the same location. It's just a matter of what fits with your brand's personality.
Engage With Your Viewers
Many people watch live video streams because they want to feel connected to the person broadcasting. Say hello to the people who are commenting, answer questions, ask questions, and generally treat your live stream as a conversation. To reach the most people, be sure to broadcast for at least three minutes.

Give Viewers Next Steps
What do you want your viewers to do after they've watched your video? Your live streams should always end with a call to action to let viewers know what their next steps are. You can tell them to sign up for your email newsletter, like or follow you on social media, head to your website, buy your latest online course, and just about anything else.

Test Everything Before Going Live
Last but not least, be sure to test everything before you go live for real. You don't have to do this every time you go live but you should test your stream and sound if you change locations, equipment, or anything else.
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